We are attracted to cordwood construction for its beauty as well as for many other reasons: logs with different diameters are used together, including very small ones which means that all the wood from a small stand of trees can be utilized, whereas log cabin construction requires harvesting of trees with specific dimensions. Many hands make light work, its true; but cordwood can also be built by a single individual. Many people have the impression that cordwood is labour intensive. There is some long term preparation involved around peeling and drying the log ends, and the walls do seem to go up slowly compared to stud walls, but since stackwall is not layered construction, once up; the walls are done – forever! With no maintenance, cordwood is actually an efficient method in terms of time and money in the long run. My favourite thing about cordwood is that the log ends can be made to protrude occasionally inside and outside the building to create hooks and shelves etc. Building with cordwood is an incredibly satisfying tactile experience that almost anybody can participate in. It really feels as if one is making a building with their hands.