chocolate yorkshire terriers

    Yorkshire Terriers in full coats look great all different ways; scruffy and over the eyes like a little sheep dog or Skye Terrier, pulled back from the face to reveal the charming expression in the eyes, brushed out shiny and smooth and any combination of the above. Sometimes I do a little grooming on a daily basis and other times I only get to it once a week after a bath. Even after neglecting it there have never been any mats or debris that I've been unable to remove with a pin brush after a good conditioning with some detangler. Keeping a Yorkshire Terrier in a full coat is possible even here where our Yorkies have fun and get dirty in the woods and around the homestead. Any leaves, branches, hay and feathers that sometimes get caught in their hair come out readily with regular petting and grooming that happens naturally when we spend time together. Under certain weather conditions, snowballs accumulate and then I have to put them in a warm bath for a minute or so. I admit that at those times I have occasionally wished for a short clip! The only trimming I do is around the feet and the top third of the ears. I used to trim around the penis of my male, intending to remove any coat that might become soiled when he lifts his leg, but then I realized that those hairs actually protect the rest of the coat to a certain extent. A weekly bath is enough to keep him sweet smelling and clean.

    All in all, I adore a long coat on a Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier (which takes a few years to grow out). The length, softness and mix of colours ranging from gold, tan, brown and sliver are just beautiful. Whether it be short or long, chose the coat style that you like the best. The more visually appealing you find your dog to be, the more you will touch them and interact with them in a loving way. Developing that bond is the most important thing.