chocolate yorkshire terriers

    We don't believe dogs are well suited to life in a kennel, though of course they do need their own safe spot in a crate or den/bed. Our dogs live as part of our pack and integral members of our self sufficient homestead here in the highlands of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, just off the Cabot Trail at North River.

    Adopting a calm assertive role as the leaders of the pack, we spoil our terriers with lots of exercise on two hikes everyday in the fresh air and mossy forests of our remote acreage. They are fed a good quality commercial diet supplemented with fresh raw food we produce here at the farm, and they drink spring water from this land. They are socialized with a wide variety of animals as well as people including our 2 young children. We keep our Yorkies in full coats simply because we love the way they look and feel, and because we enjoy grooming them. They don't bark inappropriately or snap or cower because we let them be dogs as opposed to purse babies. Yes, we love them and hold them and stroke them and occasionally even put bows in their hair, but we also encourage them to explore the world with their incredible sense of smell and to be active and get dirty. Our friends who have always known us to be "big dog people" have been shocked that we have chosen to share our lives with such "prissy little feather dusters", but those same people now say they never thought Yorkshire Terriers could be so cool.

    With the support of my father's expert veterinary care I am proud to nurture and breed these beautiful, intelligent hardy little dogs. Finding good homes for the puppies we produce is a major priority and we believe in offering continued support throughout their lives.