chocolate yorkshire terriers

    Purchasing any dog is an important decision. Know that we are available to help you chose if a Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier is right for you. We also like to maintain contact with all the packs our puppies have joined. Please stay in touch!

    Of course we want to know that the puppies we produce are going to good homes. Please don't purchase any dog only to be left at home alone. Dogs are pack animals and need constant social interaction as well as good exercise, discipline, affection, nutrition and shelter. Consider taking your dog with you to work, on vacation, and everywhere you go! There is nothing more rewarding than doing things with your dog, whether it is hiking in your own back 40 or in a subdivision or a park. Consider organized activities such as flyball, agility, lure coursing, tracking, shutzhund or obedience. Visit folks who live in places where they can no longer have dogs of their own, or those who are hospitalized and need the kind of therapy only a canine companion can provide. Consider having your dog tested for certification as a therapy pet through an organization such as Therapeutic Paws of Canada.