chocolate yorkshire terriers

    The ideal weight for a Yorkshire Terrier is between 6-7 lbs at maturity. At that size they are small enough to pick up, carry easily under your arm or in a bag, cuddle on your lap and jump safely off the couch while still being hardy and durable enough to hike in various terrain and be handled by children. The standard calls for a dog that is less than 7 lbs but larger Yorkies may be better suited to certain situations, however; more often that not Yorkshire Terriers have been bred to be far too small. Such micro, mini or t-cup Yorkies are often bred for size alone to the exclusion of consideration of other factors regarding health and temperament. Teeny tiny "babydoll faced" Yorkies tend to have conformations similar to Chihuahuas with bulging eyes, domed skulls and small muzzles with poor dentition. If you want a really tiny dog, opt for a Chihuahua that has been bred for health and temperament. 6-7lb Yorkshire Terriers are more robust and tend to be healthier and better suited to family life. We have a blast with them here at the homestead and hiking daily in the forest. There is something exciting about a very small dog, and I find that the 6-7lb Yorkshire Terriers have that unique little stature without being so small as to become overly fragile.